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Pipelay & DP3 accommodation

Our modern, flexible DP3 fleet offers you a wide range of pipeline installation and SURF capabilities. We can also manage Projects calling for the procurement, engineering, installation and commissioning (EPIC) of both rigid and flexible pipelines and subsea structures.

Our sister ships, DP3 Telford 25 and Telford 34, are ideal for pipelay projects in shallow and deep water. Offering accommodation and fabrication capabilities on a single vessel, they are capable of rigid pipeline installation of pipes from 4” to 48” diameter (up to 60” OD with coating), as well as flexible pipe. They are particularly suited to the installation of subsea umbilicals, risers, flowlines to subsea manifolds and templates.

With high-capacity cranes capable of lifting up to 800t plus large, unobstructed deck space up to 1500m2, our vessels offer you the operational advantages that get your workscopes done quickly and efficiently. And, as they are built according to our distinctive hybrid design philosophy, they combine high-quality accommodation with their considerable operational capability suitable for deployment worldwide.

Telford 25 was contracted by BHP Billiton for the Pyrenees SURF project off the coast of Western Australia, where it installed over 50km of flexible risers and flowlines using a purpose-built flexible lay system. The vessel was also chosen by Kreuz Subsea for transportation and SURF installation for the Brunei Shell Champion Waterflood project, where it carried a complete marine crew to install over 20km of flexible pipe plus subsea umbilicals, risers and flowlines, as well as being responsible for the completion and inspection of pipelines, diving and ROV operations.

As a pipelay vessel Telford 34 completed an EPCI assignment for the Total Anguille pipeline project, offshore Gabon. This project included the design, procurement and installation of a 32 km, 18” pipeline between the Torpille and Anguille platforms at depths of 30-40m.

The Telford fleet is built and maintained to international health, safety and environmental standards. Each vessel benefits from reliable Caterpillar engines which offer low emissions, noise and vibration leaving a very low environmental footprint. Other environmental systems include compliant antifouling coatings, sewerage, water-making, bilge and ballast management.

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