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Telford Offshore is an established offshore construction project and vessel operating company delivering services across five continents. We strive continually to improve the ways we execute projects safely and maintain a permanently incident-free working environment.


We strive to develop and maintain a safe company culture. Our senior managers are required to demonstrate their visible commitment to both the requirements and the intent of all our policies, as well as demonstrating their leadership in exercising their duty of care.
Our safety culture is the attitude, beliefs, perceptions and values that all our employees need to share in relation to safety in the workplace, and it is vital that our Senior Managers show leadership and commitment to that culture.


Operating in multiple locations worldwide means our personnel need a strong understanding of the rules, regulations and guidelines applicable in different territories. Regulatory compliance is the baseline, but we aim above beyond industry standards, in-line with established best practices.
It is our intention as a company to provide a safe and healthy work place, but accident prevention is the responsibility of all our employees. It is also a primary consideration in all phases of our operations and administration.

Risk Awareness

Risk awareness is the raising of understanding within the population of what risks exist, their potential impacts, and how they are managed. We operate in a high-risk environment, but we have well-proven processes and procedures in place to assess and control our risk exposure. We work with our clients to ensure a common approach to risk tolerance.

Incorporating Subcontractors

Telford places a high value on Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) performance and expects the Contractors we hire to behave similarly

Competence Assurance

At Telford, training is used to increase the skills of our personnel. Technical skills training allows team members to mitigate potential risk at our work sites. Risk management training aids understanding of the processes, roles and responsibilities involved in delivering the benefits of training.

Performance Measurement

We use proven management processes to ensure we have a firm understanding of our performance. A variety of Key Performance Indicators provide a quantitative understanding of our critical success factors, which are the key determinants in achieving any objective.

Certification and Systems

Telford’s fully certified Integrated Management System is ISO 9001, ISO 14001, QHSAS18001 and ABS MHSQE compliant. Our written procedures give clear guidance to all our people to perform their duties safely and diligently.


Our Company Security Officer is responsible for the development, implementation and efficiency of our security system. They work closely and continuously with our Senior Management to advise on the level of threat to our assets or personnel.

Management Commitment to QHSSE

“Past evidence clearly proves that safety and commercial performance are inseparably intertwined, and success in the later cannot be achieved without excellence in the former.
As passionate advocate of leading by example, we believe exemplary HSEQ performance can only be achieved through visible leadership.
The Management Team at Telford Offshore is fully committed to providing that leadership and to strive for improvement of, the health, safety and security
of our personnel”.

George Winter, Group QHSSE Manager