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Decommissioning & DP3 accommodation

As the natural lifecycle of a platform or floating facility comes to an end, Telford Offshore is ready to help remove infrastructure, equipment, hazard and other materials for replacement or returning the site back to nature. We can also assist with wreck removal, using our experience and equipment to deal with even the most difficult of tasks safely, sensitively and cost-effectively.

Our fleet of modern DP3 vessels, built according to our distinctive hybrid design philosophy, combines accommodation with lifting and operational capability and is ideal for a range of cost effective offshore decommissioning tasks. Whether in remote or harsh environments, shallow or deep waters, we can make it happen.

Telford Offshore’s Telford 25 vessel was selected by Gard for the accommodation, debris removal and the provision of other support services for the West Atlas decommissioning project in the Timor Sea off Australia, following the Montara platform disaster and disabling of the West Atlas drilling rig. No oil spill was noted over the twelve months of the project.

The same vessel also completed the delicate salvage of the US Navy minesweeper USS Guardian from a reef off the Philippines. Using its cranes, including one with a lift capacity of 800 tonnes, Telford 25 successfully completed the vessel recovery with no further damage to the reef.

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