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DP3 Accommodation

A safe bridge from construction and maintenance to our client’s production site

Telford Offshore is one of the world’s leading accommodation DP3 support vessel providers.
Our modern, versatile fleet offers comfortable, long-term accommodation for up to 470 people working offshore in different locations and conditions around the world. Advanced Dynamic Positioning systems mean we offer one of the highest gangway connectivity rates in the business in excess of 95%.
Our 24/7 connections to FPSO and fixed production platforms, plus hydraulic heave compensated gangways ensure your people have a safe passage to work every day.

Our Safety procedures allow us to enjoy a Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate largely below the IMCA benchmark. Telford’s Management commitment to safety and leadership clearly shows in the fact that only one non-work related LTI has been recorded in the last two years at their controlled worksites.

We have experience, for example, of working in the Sea of Okhotsk off the northeast coast of Sakhalin Island and at the Magellan Strait entrance near Terra del Fuego as well as the calmer waters of West Africa and Australia.

The Telford fleet also features cranes with high lifting capacity and boom length, while large, unobstructed deck space allows a huge area for on-site storage, fabrication and the lifting of modules and materials up to platforms and FPSOs.
For bigger projects, the large deck spaces on many of our vessels means you can add either portable accommodation blocks (PABs) or demountable accommodation units to bring their capacity up to 675 people according to your precise needs.

A home away from home

Telford understands the importance of both comfort and hospitality for a workforce living away from home. We offer all our guests a comfortable stay onboard our vessels. Our vessels feature well-appointed cabins with private bathrooms and internet access to allow personnel to stay in contact with their families and friends, along with satellite television to stay fully up to date with what is happening worldwide.
We provide high-quality catering, offices, conference rooms, recreation rooms, cinema, fitness areas and medical facilities.

The Telford fleet is built and maintained to international health, safety and environmental standards. Each vessel benefits from reliable Caterpillar engines which offer low emissions, noise and vibration leaving a very low environmental footprint. Other environmental systems include compliant antifouling coatings, sewerage, water-making, bilge and ballast management.

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