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The Safer Crew Change Facility

Higher Level of Isolation, Safer Crew Changes
In response to our client requests, We, in consultancy with International SOS (ISOS), have developed a plan for using our multi-purpose offshore accommodation vessels as an offshore isolation facility.

Multiple Transportation Means for the Crew
The vessels are equipped with helicopter deck, man-riding crane, heave compensated gangway, and boat landing providing full flexibility.

Offshore Isolation
Offshore personnel, before starting their offshore period, will have to complete a 7, 14, or 21 day stay in isolation onboard of the Offshore Isolation Facility. This Isolation period is not to be considered as a certificate of good health, but it significantly reduces the risk of COVID-19 spreading to the confined offshore environment and it allows operators to continue essential offshore operations in a more manageable and safer way.

Full ISOS Support
Supported fully by ISOS with ISOS doctors onboard 24 hours with wider expertise of remote global assistance.

Reduced Risk
Fully Isolated facility reduces the risk of COVID-19 spreading to confined offshore environment.

Efficient, Flexible, Safe
Depending on local government requirements, client preferences and field lay-out the offshore isolation facilities can be used in multiple ways. The vessels can for example be used as a fixed offshore isolation hub, in which case the vessel can stay in port, at safe anchorage or at a permanent tactical position offshore but alternatively the units can also be used as an offshore isolation vessel which shuttles between offshore facilities to bring crew to their work sites once they’ve completed the isolation period.

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